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Established in 2005, Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd(Eastview for short) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, engineering design, sales and installation of Tubular Daylighting System. Eastview integrated a number of energy-saving and optical technologies, and independently developed the " SUNTUBE ®" tubular daylighting system, creating a new model of solar light utilization.

Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System

The " SUNTUBE ®" tubular daylighting system

The tubular daylighting system capture natural light through the outdoor light collector without electric. After being efficiently reflected and transferred by the tube, the diffuser can evenly deliver natural light into the room where light is needed. From sunrise to sunset, even on cloudy or rainy days, this system brings in sufficient daylight inside.

Eastview currently has five major product categories: Tubular Daylighting System, Natural Ventilation System,Tubular Lighting and Ventilation Integrated System, Tubular lighting and LED Intergrated System,Tubular Daylighting and Photovoltaic Integrated System. The Tubular Daylighting System is divided into diamond series and flat plate series. The diamond series has DS350, DS530, DS650, DS750, DS900, and the flat panel series has DS350 and DS530. The rich product line can meet the needs of different customers. It can even be customized according to customer requirement. Our largest custom-made product is a large-scale Tubular Daylighting System with a diameter of 4m. Our products have been widely used in factories, logistics and warehouse, schools, stadiums, underground garages, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, and wherever need lighting during day..

Eastview builds an intellectual property protection system, and all products have independent intellectual property rights. At present, we have a number of utility model patents, design patents, invention patents, software copyright certificates.

So far, we have completed thousands of large projects, have rich experience in design and installation, and can fix different on-site situations.

Warmly welcome your inquiry,we will provide our best services and take biggest sincerity to be your friend and partner.