SUNTUBE tubular daylighting system selected The Luban Prize for Construction Project participating units list?

November 28, 2019

Year 2018-2019 the second batch of China construction project luban prize (national quality project) selected projects and the list of contractors and participating units have been publicized to the public.

 List details (click the link to view the list)


From the lists we could see, it public total 120 projects, and its worth mentioning is the first award project- phaseⅠmain project in Administrative office area of Beijing sub-center,In this award project, Beijing Eastview SUNTUBE brand tubular daylighting system products also participated.

We feel honored to participated in the winning architecture of the luban prize, but what is the luban prize?

 About Luban Prize

Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System


Founded in 1987, China luban prize for construction engineering is the highest honor award for engineering quality in China's construction industry. Luban prize awards once a year, awarded to create a first-class project enterprises.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, through striving for first-class projects, it has effectively promoted the improvement of China's engineering construction quality. The luban award, a quality brand in the construction industry, is gaining more and more influence in the industry and society, and has won wide popularity.

A large number of high-quality and high-level projects have appeared in the public eye because of the luban prize. This is the country's attention to construction engineering, but also to the construction industry incentives.

It can be said that the status of the luban award in the construction industry is equivalent to the golden rooster award and the hundred flowers award in the film and television industry. It is the "Nobel" in China's construction industry.

In this year of Luban Prize selection, Bejing Eastview is honored to become the product supplier of luban prize-winning project, its very representative that SUNTUBE could participated into Administrative office area of Beijing sub-center project, its a great recognition for EASTVIEW adhere to the new energy lighting industry, not only that ,but also make a great inspired to EASTVIEW development in the future.

Administrative office area of Beijing sub-center project use lot of SUNTUBE tubular daylighting system.

Use tubular daylighting system in heavily populated areas, it could improve indoor illumination, and also make architecture more near to human-designed concept.


Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System


At the same time, use natural light instead of electric lighting can greatly reduce power consumption, resource waste and possible environmental pollution problems, which is in line with the concept of "energy conservation and emission reduction" under the environment of environmental protection.

Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System


Be able to highlight important projects, its our EASTVIEW’s honor.

However, this just a starting. With the development of the market, the performance advantage of the product has been built, and the development demand of the society has promoted EASTVIEW to continuously explore and research and development in the field of new energy lighting. The two supplement each other, and finally, high-quality products will be used to build high-quality buildings!